Would you like to see your work appear in the Rescue Ranger fan calendar?

The rules are very simple.


Contributions may be pictures, poems, short jokes, etc.  Pictures may be CGI, hand drawn, painted or mixed media of almost any sort. 

The subject matter is "Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers".  The Rangers should figure prominently, though other characters may appear with them.  The Rangers may be dressed as or interacting with characters from other series, movies, etc.  Peripheral characters such as Clarice or fanfic characters may also appear alone or in company.  Villains from the series or from fanfics may also appear as principle subjects.

The calendar is intended for all viewers, including family and minors.  Therefore contributions should be rated appropriately.  Kisses and action scenes are permissible, but should stay within G-rated limits.  Not everyone agrees with where that limit ends, but definite sexual implications or realistic violence should be avoided.  If you are unsure if your contribution meets these guidelines, feel free to contact me (see below).

When making contributions, please give the name or nickname by which you would like to be identified.  "Anonymous" is allowed.

Technical points:

The calendar pages are .jpg files.  Contributions in other formats (bitmap, gif, png, etc) will have to be converted (we will do this for you if you prefer).  Be aware that there may be some color corruption in some cases. 

In the process of assembling the calendar, it is frequently necessary to reduce some images in size.

If either of these are issues for you, I will be happy to forward the page containing your contribution for your approval before using.


This is a fan activity, not a commercial enterprise.  Absolutely no money is made by myself or by anyone else in the course of putting out the calendar.  Submissions in all cases remain the property of the original creator.  In no case is this calendar authorized by the Walt Disney company and is in no way to be taken as an attempt to infringe on their copyrights.

The calendar is intended to celebrate the "Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers" series and its fans.  Artistic or literary quality is not a consideration for inclusion.  Everybody is welcome to contribute.

Contributions may or may not be used in the month following their submission.  Sometimes, they are held for future months as seems appropriate given the amount and type of work on hand and the theme of the contribution.  Also, if you wish to send in something for a particular holiday, we need to have it before the first of the month containing that holiday for it to be included.  If you can't get it ready in time, we will be happy to hold your holiday- or event-themed submission until the following year.

Occasionally "special editions" such as that for the villains are put out.  These are announced in advance at the Acorn Cafe.


If you have questions or comments, or wish to submit material for the calendar, email me at


Thanks, and we look forward to seeing your submissions!  B-)-

---Ray Jones---